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Significant Changes In Merchant Account Fees Require Merchant Statement Quotes!

It can be a daunting task to read and understand a merchant statement. Both Visa and MasterCard are coming out with some pretty significant changes this year – no doubt in response to the Durban Amendment’s impact on the industry. This will cause even more frustration on providing a merchant statement quote to your merchant customers. I like this quote from , “ISOs also have to perform complex analysis and decide quickly whether to mark up the fee to cover the costs it will bring, teach employees the fine points of the new approach, and possibly hire additional help-desk workers to prepare for an expected avalanche of phone calls from merchants questioning or complaining about the fee, he contends.” Are you ready? First let’s talk about VISA’s changes: 1. The Network Acquirer Processing Fee (APF), although still $0.0195 per authorization on credit transactions, will be reduced to $0.0155 per authorization on VISA branded debit cards. 2. VISA deb